Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snapaholics- Our First Order

We placed our first order with Snapaholics. There is definitely a learning curve to using and ordering these little fun bits of magic. The shipping is the same no matter what you order so order a bunch to make it worth your while. Also, order at least to packs of each color you want. We only ordered one per color and I can tell already there won't be enough to do the braids small enough so they will fit into the little clips. Then there's the whole thing about getting Amanda to sit still for that many little braids.

My first attempt was a bunch of tiny little twists. I love the twists because they are so cute, but they didn't stay tights and looked messy shortly. Next I tried a few clips in the front after a bath with the rest of the hair free and curly. I loved that look, too, but it takes even less time to become unbearably tangled.

We seem to have the best luck with multiply ponies. They are easy to redo when they start to slip out. We just added some of the snaps on the ends for fun. I pulled them out before naptime because they weren't secure enough to be safe.

After nap, I added even more! As you can see, Amanda likes her new pretties! I'm enjoying them, too. The pictures and videos just don't show how much fun it is to watch Amanda running with these cute little snaps on her head.

What do you think? Too much?


Michelle said...

That is a fun hair style! Now my girls want some of those snaps, and Abby wants me to fix her hair like that.

surfergrandma said...

What a beautiful little girl! I enjoyed all the videos...
just another MacMama fan.

Kelli said...

Too much...sorry.

Dionne Sincire said...

Amanda's hair is growing nicely. just by looking at these few pictures, I can tell that the texture is changing. It looks a lot healthier. You're doing a great job! BTW, I love the snaps and the twists stay longer if you twist it while wet, and add a little gel (Lets Jam works well for me) to the roots as you twist. Also, start the twist at the root with a short braid, and then combine two twines and begin the twist about an eighth of the way down. As you get to the ends, add a little more gel and then roll the twist pinched between your thumb and forefinger. It takes some practice, but not impossible to master.

Dionne Sincire said...

oh, and cheerios and a disney movie (with lots of singing and musing) make for a dynamic duo when it comes to getting my girls to sit still long enough to twist/braid their hair. once it becomes apart of the routine it gets easier--i promise. :0)