Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Historical Evidence for Jesus

My cousin just called to warn me that Mckmama put up a link to my blog after my comment about the historical accuracy of Jesus. Too late! Over 600 people have already popped over to check us out.

This site is mostly about my sweet little girl but I'm happy to share where I learned that I could trust the story of Jesus and not check my intellect at the door.

Greg Boyd's Letters to A Skeptic I was first introduced to Greg Boyd when I heard a taped sermon of his in the Cities. He points out that the Gospels have the ring of truth which means they were written by humans being humans and not some one trying to fabricate a story. In John's Gospel he boasts in an indirect way that Jesus loved him best and that he out ran Peter to the tomb. That always makes me laugh when I think of it.

Don Beirle's Surprised by Faith Don's book contains a graph of the number of ancient manuscripts of various historical and literary works from history. The number of New Testament manuscripts is staggering compared to the number of manuscripts from Plato's writings. Mind blowing.

I also love Dr. Bierle's work on creation evidence. Realizing that evolution requires just as much faith, if not more than believing the Bible, helped me completely trust in the Bible.

It is a choice, you do have to choose which to believe. If I'm wrong and there is no heaven and I'm just going to rot in the ground when I die, what have I lost? I'd have spent my days blissfully loving others around me and not worrying about getting my share. Oh, well.

But if you are wrong, what will you lose?


Mindy Mehaffey said...

Very good point in the end. And thanks for the resources. I appreciate your research and zeal for the Truth.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad I found your blog tonight.
I am a new blogger and finding my away around.

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