Thursday, April 16, 2009

And We're Active!

We became active with American Adoptions this week. It is a national organization the works with birth parents across the country. You can see our profile online here.

Now that we are active, we could receive a call at anytime telling us that we have been matched and the baby is either already born or ready to be born. At which point, we have agreed to travel and arrive to meet the baby within 24 hours. Crazy and exciting! How do you plan to travel somewhere for up to two weeks when you don't know where or when you will be going?

Last week I made some preparations. I packed mostly gender neutral clothing for the baby and a special bag if we know it's a girl. I packed summer clothes for Amanda and I. We won't be needing them here for a while so they can afford to be packed away. I sterilized and packed the feeding supplies including bottles and the Lact-Aids. I packed some cloth diapers in case we are staying some place where I can do laundry. I tested to see of I could fit two car seats into the big hockey bag Mike bought last fall. I can! And I started to prepared for adoptive nursing this next baby, but I'll write more about that in my nursing journal.

I need to write done the numbers of the airlines that fly out of the Cities, pack a copy of Amanda birth certificate so we don't have to buy a seat for her (that is assuming we travel before she's two), and write down phones of people who will be caring for our boys.

The boys will probably go to friends or neighbors until our parents can come get them. Tyler has driver's training in June and Tony has baseball May-July so it will be challenging if we have to leave then, but it will all work itself out.

When we began applying for adoption, I wondered if we should leave Amanda here, but two weeks was a long time to leave her for the first time. Thankfully, when I shared my concerns with Mike, he said without hesitation, "We'll just take her with us." It will make things a bit more difficult to say the least, but I'm glad she'll be with us.

Any more ideas about what I can do to prepare for such an expected yet unexpected trip?


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andrea said...

We still live really close to the airport, have plenty of space to park a car, and 5 of 7 days a week both of us (adults) are home so could easily be your ride to the airport again! I don't know what other contacts you have in the Cities, but you can sure put us on your list. We're going to be gone the second week of May, but otherwise are pretty easy to get. It would be great to be able to be part of this baby's arrival, too!

Michelle said...

I pray your wait is a short one! I am so excited for you.

jodilee0123 said...

We are really close to the MPLS/STP (like 2 minutes away--literally) airport and you are more than welcome to park your car here too--if needed. We can most likely figure out a way to get you to the airport too--but worse case--a cab ride from our house is under $10--at least I think it still is. You are far more prepared than I would be! The anticipation would be killing me! :0)

Jadyn's Life said...

Congrats on becoming active. We also adopted our son using American Adoptions. They are a great agency. We were very happy. We had our son home in Mn 5 months from the time we went active. We also did the agency assisted program. We wish you luck. Please email with questions. You have a beautiful family. Betsy