Monday, April 13, 2009

Ahhh! Park Season!

We are really looking forward to this summer with Amanda. She loves to be outside and there are so many fun places to explore.She's is really beginning to enjoy the parks. She used to be afraid because she could see the ground through the holes in the platforms and so she'd only crawl tentatively. But she's getting past that and trying new things each time we visit.
She also loves to just run and there's nothing cuter!
Run, Baby, Run! The basketball hoops are a long ways from the playground and she's running to be with her brothers.
The boys had a great time at the park, too. I love to pack our van full of kids and go to the park. There's so much to do! The first game was a type of tag on the jungle gym. One person is on the ground and tries to tag the people on the gym with the ball. The people on the gym can't touch the ground in order to avoid being hit. I played along with this game. This school park is perfect for this game. The girls in my sixth grade class used to play this at recess with a huge ball.
Next was this shoe game on the merry-go-round. The boys take off their shoes and deposit them randomly around the circle. Then some one gets the thing spinning really fast. On "GO!" everyone tries grab as many shoes as possible. Obviously the person with the most shoes wins!

The other shoe game involves kicking their shoes off from the swings. Whoever get their shoes to fly the farthest wins.

Then there's good old kickball. Amanda and I joined in this game. I loved kickball in grade school.

And finally they played a game of basketball. Are you tired after reading all that? I am!


Shebee said...

Don't you just love going to the park! We walk or stop at them when ever we can.

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Can't wait to go to the park! This weather is the best! Have to love spring!

Dionne Sincire said...

That sounds like loads of fun! I especially love the merri-go-round game. I've never heard of it before, but it certainly has made my list of things to do at the park this summer. BTW, Amanda's hair looks darling! ;0)

Michelle said...

Looks like fun.