Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alphabet Soup, Anyone?

Amanda's cooking supper. Would you like to join us?
She loves these new letters but she hasn't figured out how to stick them on the fridge yet. That's my job. She loves to pull them off the door, however! She loves her cowboy boots, too.

For years, we've had a Toys R' Us credit card and we get gift cards to use at the store as a reward. Since we've moved up north, it has become more difficult to use these cards and so we had quite a stash. I was able to buy another carseat, a dolly to match Amanda's skin color, these alphabet magnets, and a few other odd and ends.

This was the first morning she got to play with her new toys. It was like Christmas! Bud often joins her in the kitchen when she's playing. Yesterday, she was tossing the letters his direction and he would play with them. Amanda is very gentle with Bud and pets him nicely. He tolerates her better than Chicky did.


Michelle said...

Mara loves Amanda's dress and would like one just like it. You'll have to share your favorite shopping places with us!

Mike and Katie said...

This one is from Hannah Andersson but I found it at a garage sale.

Her other bright dress was from the Children's Place online.


Dionne Sincire said...

Hi Katie,
I haven't forgotten about you and Amanda (btw, her hair is growing so quickly, and she is as adorable as ever). I ran into a few snags with my video project... since I am usually the one behind the camera, and doing the braiding as well, you can see how this poses a huge obstacle in getting the videos made. :(

From what I'm reading in your blogs tho, it looks like you're honing your skills quite nicely. Pretty soon, you'll be able to open up your own beauty salon. :)

You're so diligent; your hard work is evident in these gorgeous photos of Amanda. If I can help you out in any way, please let me know.