Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gathering with Family

Amanda, me, my mom, my grandmother and my nephew, Tristen.
Our family has been gathering in this kitchen for the last 54 years. It has seen many new faces and old ones.
These are a couple of the two newest babies. Sofia is two months and Tristen is five months.
Sofia is no longer the youngest baby. Kodiak was born on Sunday and P-pop is due in May. Including the maybe-baby that we are expecting this year, five new great grandchildren will be been added this year. It's quite a banner year for my grandmother!


Shebee said...

They are so cute! They are growing way too fast! Wish we could get them all together at the same time for pictures. What a good picture of Grandma, she must be so proud of all the new babies! Sheila

Michelle said...

I love the finger sucking. Ezra sucked those two fingers.

Praying for your maybe baby!