Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flow River Flow

On our farm when I was growing up, water would always gather in inconvenient places around the yard during the spring melt. My dad would spend time digging ditches through the gravel driveway to divert the water away from the tool shed and garage. I was always mesmerized by the flowing water and loved helping him.
The last few days Amanda I have tackled several areas of our yard that have been gathering water. Today's river was definitely the most fun!
Amanda spent a long time scooping slush and watching it flow out to the driveway. She is such a tough little girl. She had no problem putting her hands into the icy water to grab a rock or leaf. She was very wet by the time we went inside.
After getting Amanda into warm dry clothes, she sat down to visit with Bud. He belongs to our neighbor and is staying with us for the month. Aren't they the snuggliest little things you've ever seen? Bud has a plastic bag fetish. He waits by the cupboard and dives into the Wal-Mart bags as soon as some one opens the door.


Michelle said...

I bet she loves to be outside. I think she needs a big fluffy white kitty just like that!

Jamie said...

Jesse would love to join her at the river! I've got to find some rubber boots, though!

Claire said...

Oh, she's so sweet with the kitty!


e&e said...

Yes they are definitely the snuggliest things. Now you just need to add some baby bunnies and dandelion fluff and it would be snuggly overload!