Thursday, February 19, 2009


The twin of dry hair is dry skin. Keeping Amanda's skin moisturized it just as important as her hair. The cotton sheets were drawing moisture out of her poor little cheeks when she was little and she suffered from chaffing until I lined her bed with one of her play silks.

Soap can be very drying and Amanda would get diaper rash if I used soap to wash her bottom clean. Mostly I just used water and a little bit of lavendar oil squirted on a wash cloth for diaper clean-ups. I don't even use soap in the bath. It hasn't been necessary.

I also discovered that Lansinoh Cream was the most effective for healing and protecting super dry skin. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief is also very good lotion and that is what we use to maintain good moisture these days.

Many years ago, when my aunt was visiting from Peru, she asked what she should about the her children's dry skin. She said, "You think I should use no soap?" I couldn't imagine not scrubbing my boys down with soap, but brown skin suffers in our dry winter climate and soap is not it's friend. I would tell her now, "Don't use soap. If they stink, add a couple of drops lavendar oil to the water and they'll freshen right up."


ali said...

even though Shawn is full AA, he is sooo fair that he doesnt get dry like jacky does. but we still only bathe him twice a week and only wash his afro every 10 days or so, which helps alot. even though hes reddish/blonde, his afro is tighter and looks more coarse than amandas!(hes so different LOL)

Michelle said...

I rub Abby down with coconut oil. It's what they used on the children in the orphanage in India. Her skin just sucks it in!

jodilee0123 said...

Thanks for your posts on the skin and hair care! It has helped us out and made picking out something to try a lot less stressful! So far everything is working great!