Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Once More

After eighteen months, Amanda and I are officially done nursing. This was last Saturday and she only nursed once last week. It is time for me to clean and sterilize the nursers and packed them away so they are ready to go when we get the call for our next baby. Sweet memories and bonding time made it all worth it.


Andrea said...

That is just so cool (maybe not the right word, but the one that comes to mind!)that you were able to do that with Amanda. The first time I ever heard about your family was in our Bible study when Elisa mentioned her cousin was going to be adopting, and asked us to pray for your whole family as you waited, and she mentioned in particular your desire to nurse your new little one, and all the work it required to prepare for that. It's been so neat to see those prayers answered with a "yes!"

Michelle said...

My favorite thing to do as a mom. (Ezra still does every few days.) I will be sad when my time is done.