Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enjoying the Warm Weather 44`F

The weather was beautiful on Saturday- down right balmy for us Minnesotans. We got out and made the best of it.
Amanda is parade waving for the camera. She loves this little sled.Daddy was having fun, too.
Amanda's all bundled up and ready to go.
Or perhaps just ready to taste some snow!
We tried to capture some good pictures of Mike and I for our second profile. The national agency we are considering working with wants 8-10 pictures of us as a couple. We have 2 0r 3.
I was experimenting with using the blue sky as a background, but by the time Mike got outside, the boys were playing boot hockey and Amanda was trying to pull down the tri-pod.
We're just too busy living life to capture it on film.


Kelli said...

The weekend was so nice in Ohio too. I'm ready for spring. We need to get out and run badly.

e&e said...

amen to that last line

we're trying to put a mari show on our blog. it's nothing so wonderful, like her learning to ride a bike or anything. it's in the name of equality, since i just posted a joshy video.

sorry about no caps. sophia's in my arms rather than a carrier.


Kelli said...

Katie you crack me up! Every time I see Amanda's hair it's cute. I will be honest that I have seen some Black children who have been adopted by White families and the child's hair looks awful! I think it's wonderful that you're asking about it.
With Jamison I buy these bands that are ouchless at Target. I just put her hair in two ponies and braid then tied them at the ends. Super quick and then it doesn't get real tangled.
Jamison still does not sit still while I do her hair. It can be a battle. Most times I have her watch a show and that keeps her entertained.
Also if you go to the ethnic hair section you can find sprays that would help with the tangle. I try and use a comb like brush on Jamison's hair too and that helps.
You're doing great!

Dionne Sincire said...

Hi Katie,
Great snow pics. :)

Good to hear that you found a good brush. Are you noticing improvements?

I'm not sure I understand your question, but I'll either use barrettes or beads on the ends. I can usually find these at a Sally's beauty supply, which if you can't find one in your area you might be able to order them online. There's usually a beading tool that comes with the beads. Find a video here on how to use the tool here.

e&e said...

Love the new photo of you and Mike on the side!