Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does she talk? Time to Delurk!

People ask us often if Amanda talks because in public she is very somber and quiet. At home, particularily at 5 am and when the boys are trying to do Spanish, she is very noisy and talkative. Cheese, cracker, Bible, pretty, baby, juice, please, up and down are all new words for her.

Often we can understand what she's trying to say in context. For example, when she is talking loudly and pointing at Tyler's head before prayer time, we know she is telling him to take off his hat. She will not quiet down to pray until all heads are uncovered.


I've added a widget for my faithful followers. All you have to do is click "follow this blog" and whenever I update, it will show up on your dashboard or your blog.

It's the perfect time to de-lurk!


e&e said...

Hi from your anti-techno cousin.

Dashboard? Please explain. I have a feeling you don't mean the one in my van, although there are some functions in the van that we haven't figured out yet.

And on my blog? Where?

Explain please.

Mike and Katie said...

When you are logged into Blogger, one of the choices in the upper right-hand corner is "Dashboard." When you choose to follow a blog, the most recent posts from that blog will show up at the bottom of that page.

In order to have the blogs you follow on your sidebar(the space on the side of your blog), choose "Layout" or "Customize."

Choose "Add a Gadget," select "Blog List" and then select "Blogs I'm Following." If the blog you wish to follow doesn't have their follower displayed and the option to "Follow This Blog," just copy and paste their URL into the space provided when you select "Add Blog."

Have fun!

Michelle said...

I love her voice. What a sweetie.