Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cloth Diapers

My favorite diapering combo is:

Super Whisper Wraps with velcro or snaps and flat fold diapers.

I like the Super Whispers because they don't have sticky plastic on the inside. I like the flat fold diapers because I can fold them many different ways and thickness depending on the size and needs. They also dry quickly which saves me time and money. I never pin the diapers. I just fold them into a rectangle and lay them in a wrap. I've been using two flat folds but now Amanda needs three. If the cover only gets wet, I hang it to dry and use it again later.

I have used fleece liners at nighttime to keep moisture away from Amanda's skin, but she is prone to diaper rash and sleeps through the night, so we usually need to use disposables at night.

I keep rubber gloves in the bathroom for rinsing out dirty diapers and then keep the diapers in a wire basket by the toilet. A closed, dry bucket seemed to get really stinky. I wash diapers every two or three days. Since we have done elimination communication, there are times when I don't have enough diapers for a full load, so I throw in a couple of white bath towels. I rinse on cold and then wash on hot with Charlie's Soap. If the covers are getting stinky, I add several drops of tea tree oil to the rinse dispenser. I dry in the dryer on low.

My favorite training pants for elimination communication are the custom pull-on pants from the EC Store. There are thin and trim but I can line them with a flat fold if I need more absorbancy or want to make dirty accidents easier to clean up.

I like to buy my Super Whispers from Thanks Mama. I found she has good prices and the best shipping rates because she uses USPS. I can get by with four covers. I've been using my medium Super Whispers on Amanda for almost a year. The velcro has begun to let go and at one point she firgured out how to undo the velcro. I just bought two large with velcro and two large with snaps. I was concerned I wouldn't get a good fit with the snaps on my thin baby but they have fit well.

I've picked up my flat folds from Wal-Mart. I need about three dozen.

So, that's it! Any questions? Happy diapering!


Michelle said...

You are a good mama. I used cloth once...for about two weeks. I admire you!

Mike and Katie said...

I remember changing Amanda's diaper in the bathroom when I visited your home church. A few of the ladies were talking about cloth diapers in a there's-no-way-I'm-doing-that kind of way.

I just chuckled to myself and thought, "Yeah, not only am I doing cloth, but I'm taking her to the potty regularily. But I'll just keep that to myself."