Friday, January 23, 2009

Our profile is complete!

We have completed our family profile. It's set up as a web site with four pages. If you read the first version you'll see the new version has changed dramatically. It has the same great pictures far fewer words. You see, if you peruse the adoptive family profiles out here on the Internet, they all sound very much the same. There are a tons of wonderful, safe, happily married couples out there.

What makes us unique? What does a birth mother want to know about us? What makes us different?

Our home study has been approved and now we just need to print out our profile and mail it to our agency. We will only be presented to a birth mother at our agency is there is a special need for a family willing to adopt transracially. Often times our agency gets calls from southern agencies that don't have enough families open to AA or biracial children. This is how we connected with Amanda.

We will also be networking through friends, family and the Internet hoping to connect with a birth mom.

It's all in God's hands. He knows the baby he has chosen for us. I can't wait to meet him or her!


Kelli said...

Hey Katie! Happy Birthday, a little late. I did watch on Tuesday and it was so moving. It ws nice that Jamison got to watch it at school too.
Jamison does not wear anything on her head at night. I know that my sister does, but it has to be a satin scarf. The cotton is what takes out all of the moisture. You can even get her a satin pillowcase if she won't keep something on her head at night. I just keep Jamison's hair braided so it doesn't get so tangled. I also use a brush that untangles really well. I would start with the satin scarf or pillowcase. My hairdress and friend swear by that!

Michelle said...

I love your family profile. You did a really good job, Katie.

What agency do you work with?