Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I was certainly NOT up and outside at four in the morning when it was 10 degrees below zero capturing pictures of the moon.

I was NOT completely giddy when the image went from this:

To this:

I positively did NOT have to walk down the road at four am in order to catch this photo without the trees blocking the view. (Although Mike likes the first one best. He said that one could win his company's yearly photo calendar contest. He such a sweety. Really he is.)

I have NOT been completely neglecting my blog because I've been working on our family profile since I knew our homestudy would be approved soon!

I'm definitely NOT posting a link to our profile because it's no where near complete!
And finally I am NOT even a little bit nervous about having a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow. That would be silly because I am an adult.
Ugh! I certaintly did NOT misspell the title of this post and it will forever be misspelled in the blog address archives!
Happy Not Me! Monday!


The Henrys said...

Wow! The moon picture is really great. I also like your profile. It gives a wonderful picture of your family life. Thanks for sharing the link.

blueviolet said...

The moon pictures are sensational! Wow, I would be outside too if I knew that could be captured. Gorgeous!

LucieP said...

I am loving the first picture too!

Hope your home study goes well!

e&e said...

That is an amazing photo. What about your camera makes it do that? Maybe mine can do that. I'm up plenty at night to find out!

Staci said...

I love those moon pictures. I'm going to show them to my husband later...he loves pics like that.

Mike and Katie said...

On Program Auto setting (Capital P) I set the focus setting to spot and the Metering Mode to spot. Then I zoomed in as close I could. No flash and Macro off. I also had a tripod to keep the shot steady.

Wayne said...

Congrats on a truly awsome picture of the moon, and a great not me monday

Michelle said...

Great moon! Oh, adoption paperwork. I remember those days. (And I'd love to do it again.)

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Love the photos but LOVE the profile! Great job!!!!