Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All for a bite of warm apple crisp...

"Does Amanda imitate you?"

Another funny social worker question that was asked during our home study.

Yeah, sometimes more than we'd like. Today she found a plastic bag in the basement and hauled it all the way upstairs to throw it in the garbage. When I started to clean up the puzzle we had been playing with, lo and behold, I could not find its storage bag.

Then tonight, as I was sneaking a quick taste of warm apple crisp, I remembered the bathroom door was still open. It was no wonder Amanda had been playing so quietly. She had been washing the stuffed puppy Tony had won at the fair, her Shape-O-Ball, and her mini-mimi (hand-knitted mini afghan). You have thought I would have learned from the book that took a swim earlier in the week.

Why should I be surprised? She's watched me scrub out various items in the toilet - diapers, diaper covers and training pants - why wouldn't she try to copy me?

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