Sunday, December 7, 2008

Like wise ye older women...

Teach the younger woman to love their husbands...Titus 2

One of my most important jobs as Amanda's mother is to foster a deep love and affection for her Daddy. I do this very intentionally by making a big deal and rushing to the door with hugs and kisses when Daddy gets home, waving goodby at the window as he drives away, bringing her to him for good night hugs and talking to her about how thankful Daddy will be as we fold his clothes or make his dinner.

Sometimes I teach her unintentionally. Yesterday, Mike was sitting on the floor in front of the couch playing Tinker Toys with Amanda while I was making dinner. I sat down on the couch for a minute, ran my fingers through Mike's hair and rubbed his back. After I returned to the kitchen, Amanda quickly came over to Mike, rubbed her fingers through his hair and patted him on the back.

May she only pick up on my good habits.

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Michelle said...

Like you have any bad habits! You are a great mom, Katie. Now you are the younger woman teaching me. I need to make a bigger deal out of teaching my girls to love their husbands by working on Daddy!