Thursday, December 4, 2008

Breaking the Habit

Update: Five days is not long enough to break the habit. I just laid Amanda down for her nap and then realized I had forgotten to put on her socked jammies. She was laying in bed happily sucking her thumb. That was quickly remedied and now she's in there complaining.

When Amanda started sucking her thumb last winter, we thought it was so cute and it was helping her go to sleep. Many former thumb-suckers and parents of thumb-suckers asked us what we were going to do about it. Mike said, "Enjoy it!"

This week, we noticed that she had a red, painful sore developing on her thumb, so while I was in the dentist, I asked for recommendations for breaking the habit. The hygenist suggested this:
I had thought of putting socks or mittens over her hands but she could easily remove them. However, these socks are sewn to her pajamas. It was good for us to attempt this method before she had learned to remove her shirt.
The first night, she cried and Mike asked if we could do this another night because he wasn't feeling very well. So, I removed the sock-sewn shirt and put her back to bed. She still kept crying on and off until 2 am. We're not sure why, but between cutting a molar, coming down with a cold, and having a sore thumb, she was unhappy.
I worked with her the following day and as long as I left the door open a crack and went in to remind her to lay down and be quiet when she fussed, she slept reasonably well. She was still sick and teething, so we had another late night on Tuesday. She would go to sleep and be quiet just long enough for us to doze off and then she would wake up again.
It's been five days now and we don't see many crabby faces like this anymore. She has accepted the socked pajamas. I'm not sure how long it takes to break the habit. I need to ask about that when I take Tony to the dentist on Tuesday. He missed his appointment because he was sick, too. Everybody has been hit with this cold and it's been no fun.
We would sure appreciate prayers for a speeding recovery for our family.


e&e said...

I like the crabby face. It's cute. So are her "oven mitts", by the way. (That's what my little ones think they are).

Shawnda said...

That's awesome, Katie! Thanks for sharing with me!!! Are those actually sewn on? I might have to get somebody to do that for us! I don't know how to sew! : ( But it's a GREAT idea!!!! We're potty training this wk! So, probably not a good time! But sooner than later would be ideal!!! : )

Mike and Katie said...

I just hand-stitched these socks to the pajama's. I stuck my hand through the sleeves and then placed the sock over my hand. Then I used a simple stitch to attach the socks. When I got all the way around the cuff, I tied the two ends of the thread together.

It doesn't need to be pretty or very secure. I plan to take it apart once she kicks the habit.


ali said...

i always WANTED a thumb sucker. weird. i never got one. heck, i couldn't get any of them to even take a pacifier. and i TRIED. HARD.i may have FINALLY gotten my lefty though! time will tell..