Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a Girl!

My beautiful babywearer*!
*This is not an official babywearing hold. It's the creative type of wrap one uses only for stuffed bunnies.
This is a 26 x 68 inches silk scarf from Pearl Outdoors. Using Front Wrap Cross instructions, children's baby carriers can be made out of any fabric about two yards long and 12 inches wide. Making real baby carriers require a few more safety specifics, but are still very easy!
Do you know what this is?

Why a comb, of course!


e&e said...

You scared me there with your title. I thought perhaps Amanda was a big sister. It could happen that fast, I suppose, but remember I'm waiting for that "AAHHH!" phone call!

Those pictures are so precious. She looks so...well-kept. Kudos on her cute hair. Was it all done with that centipede comb? Very innovative. Mari prefers a fork...with syrup on it.

Open your Eyes. said...

Adorable photos - just read through the main parts of your adoption story. Your amazing! xxx.

Michelle said...

I thought you had baby news from that title! That baby carrier is so cute on her. Like mother like daughter.

(You had asked about Abby a while back. I am planning to post at the end of the week about will be her 5th anniversary of being home with us.)

Shawnda said...

I love the bunny wrap! : ) We tried making a couple, but that didn't stay on the kids : ( You did a great job! : )

Thumb sucking is going GREAT!!! I need to do an update! Karis doesn't suck her thumb during the day anymore!!! We've had a little bit more whining b/c she doesn't have 'the immediate comfort' to go to, BUT she chooses not to suck her thumb! We only used the STOP for a few days!!! Now, at nap time and bedtime (we have not attacked these yet!!), she'll ask 'suck a thumb, mommy?', and I always cave 'you can suck your thumb' : )

Keziah has pretty much all together stopped! She only needed it for a day or so too! I caught her stick her thumb in her mouth in her sleep last night, but she doesn't do that often - we check on them at night. It's the first time we've seen it, and both of their thumbs are healing up! They both had cracked, calloused thumbs!! I like the sock idea! That's a great idea for night time - that's going to be a much harder transition with Karis!! We'll probably tackle it after Christmas when she's adjusted well to not sucking her thumb during the day! : )