Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Time Parents

Update: Amanda's feeling much better today! She slept well last night and was very lively. Her silly parents are better rested, too. She also has a new molar. The poor little girl had a few reasons to complain this week.

You should have seen us last night! You'd think we've never had a sick child before. Both of us fretting and pacing,- wondering when we should take our baby to the doctor. Why? Because Amanda had a fever and a cough and she has been waking up the last couple of nights coughing. These are all new things to us. At least, things we haven't experienced in a long time and don't remember clearly.

After several phone calls, we have been reassured. Her fever was only 100 degrees F., her cough is sounding more productive and less barky, she's still eating and drinking, and she's still toddling around and doing her happy feet dance.

We would still covet your prayers for speedy recovery for our little girl and we are so grateful for the exceptionally good health she has experienced for most of her short life.

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e&e said...

Glad to read Amanda's feeling better (so that her mama can feel better too). We'll be still praying for full recovery so you can stop fretting about her cough and get back to fretting about her fits. :)