Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Snow!!!

Could she be any cuter and more snuggly looking?
We're glad it snowed for Daddy's sake. He's out hunting with the boys. Snow makes everything easier to see and it's much better than rain!
On Thursday, Amanda was helping Mike get packed. She is wearing Tyler's hat, Tony's glove, and blowing Mike's whistle. She was very excited to learn how to blow the whistle. Thankfully, she's only making little noises so far!
Before Amanda came home, I practiced and experiemented with different types of wraps and baby carriers. One day there was a magazine in our room with a picture of a dad with his little girl in a ring sling. Mike made sure that I wasn't expecting him to do any babywearing. "No, of course not, dear."
He may be warming up to the idea!


The Henrys said...

What a cute snow bunny! I love how toddlers look all bundled up. We don't get much chance to see that down here in the deep south. We very rarely get snow. I am interested to see what other carrying methods you figure out. Will is getting really heavy and I could use some suggestions!

e&e said...

"Could she be any more cute and snuggly?"

Only if she had a baby bunny on her head who was holding a baby kitten. :)

Kelli said...

She is just a doll. It's cool to see you enjoying her so much. They grow so fast, as you know I'm sure. I can't believe you have snow!