Friday, November 7, 2008

Adoption Study

I just came across a great article that shares some results of a study of children who grow up in adoptive homes. There are some very positive findings.

In other news, we sent in our paperwork this week to begin the adoption process again. We could be waiting two months or two years. It all depends on which child God has chosen for our family.


e&e said...

Congrats on another "paper pregnancy"!

The Henrys said...

Congratulations on sending in the paperwork! You all must be so excited. Do you plan to try nursing again? If so, when do you start pumping? I'm sure Amanda will make a great big sister:)

Andrea (Glewwe) said...

Wow!!! I'm so excited! You probably don't know that I even check your blog periodically (because you hardly know me -- Matt and I dropped you guys off at the airport on the way to get Amanda, and picked you up, so got to be the first MN people to meet her, so she's always been special to me because of that!)

Yay yay about another one!

Mike and Katie said...


You probably don't know that I've checked out your pictures, too! Because you have a special place in my heart to for your part in Amanda's adoption. That was such a blessing for your hubby to get up and drive us to the airport and 4 am! And for you to be the first people in MN to see our new baby. (Elisa was so jealous!)

I think of you when I come across the little sweater that Amanda wore home because we were totally unprepared for MN weather. I think the colors book was from you, too, but there my mind gets a little fuzzy!

Thank you so much,