Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a Girl!

My beautiful babywearer*!
*This is not an official babywearing hold. It's the creative type of wrap one uses only for stuffed bunnies.
This is a 26 x 68 inches silk scarf from Pearl Outdoors. Using Front Wrap Cross instructions, children's baby carriers can be made out of any fabric about two yards long and 12 inches wide. Making real baby carriers require a few more safety specifics, but are still very easy!
Do you know what this is?

Why a comb, of course!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cotton Balls Don't Bounce

During Amanda's illness, she has been tugging at her ears so we've been using mullien/garlic ear oil. After placing the oil in each ear, we put in a bit of cotton to keep her sheets clean. One night after the procedure, I gave Amanda a cotton ball. She admired it, chattered and showed it to Daddy. Then I said, "Do you have a cotton ball?"

She ran to the kitchen and threw the cotton ball as hard as she could onto the floor. Every other ball would have bounced and made a great sound. This ball? Nothing!

She is definitely the smartest baby I know! It's great to see how many words she understands even if she only says, "puppy" most of the time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Time Parents

Update: Amanda's feeling much better today! She slept well last night and was very lively. Her silly parents are better rested, too. She also has a new molar. The poor little girl had a few reasons to complain this week.

You should have seen us last night! You'd think we've never had a sick child before. Both of us fretting and pacing,- wondering when we should take our baby to the doctor. Why? Because Amanda had a fever and a cough and she has been waking up the last couple of nights coughing. These are all new things to us. At least, things we haven't experienced in a long time and don't remember clearly.

After several phone calls, we have been reassured. Her fever was only 100 degrees F., her cough is sounding more productive and less barky, she's still eating and drinking, and she's still toddling around and doing her happy feet dance.

We would still covet your prayers for speedy recovery for our little girl and we are so grateful for the exceptionally good health she has experienced for most of her short life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fourth Photo From The Fourth Folder Tag

As requested by Monkey Mama, here's my fourth photo from my fourth folder. It's from last February. Do you think Amanda's too young to skate this year?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby's First Outing

Baby books always have this obscure milestone- Baby's First Outing. What exactly does that mean? Do you count the ride home from the hospital? Or the first time Amanda went out with her foster mom? Or when we drove her home from the agency? Or flew her home from Texas? Or perhaps when we first all went out as a family of five? I don't know, but today was a big day.

Today was the first day I dressed up our baby in warm clothes and handed her off to her Daddy for a quick trip to town. It was the first time Amanda left the house without me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tony and Animals

Tony and animals- two of the reasons Amanda's birth mom chose our family. She wanted Amanda to have a brother named Tony and be able to spend time with animals.
How does Tony feel about that? He was very proud to be part of the reason we were chosen.
Now, I think he's feeling a little overwhelmed by all the love!
It looks like Amanda and her posse are moving along to share the love with Grandma.
We had a great weekend visiting family. Maggie is the the black and white pup and Maddie is the gray. They belong to Mike's mom and dad.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Snow!!!

Could she be any cuter and more snuggly looking?
We're glad it snowed for Daddy's sake. He's out hunting with the boys. Snow makes everything easier to see and it's much better than rain!
On Thursday, Amanda was helping Mike get packed. She is wearing Tyler's hat, Tony's glove, and blowing Mike's whistle. She was very excited to learn how to blow the whistle. Thankfully, she's only making little noises so far!
Before Amanda came home, I practiced and experiemented with different types of wraps and baby carriers. One day there was a magazine in our room with a picture of a dad with his little girl in a ring sling. Mike made sure that I wasn't expecting him to do any babywearing. "No, of course not, dear."
He may be warming up to the idea!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Adoption Study

I just came across a great article that shares some results of a study of children who grow up in adoptive homes. There are some very positive findings.

In other news, we sent in our paperwork this week to begin the adoption process again. We could be waiting two months or two years. It all depends on which child God has chosen for our family.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pro-Life without Exception

The face of an exception. John McCain would not have fought to pass a law that would have saved her life if her had been elected. But God and her birth family who knew Him saved her life and we received her as a gift. To God be the glory.