Friday, October 3, 2008

School Days

Our days are filled with Algebra, History, English, Spanish and Chemistry. The boys and I work together when Amanda naps and they work on their own when she's awake.

On Tuesdays, we join five other homeschooling families for Co-op. I teach a writing class to 10-12 year-olds and Tyler and Tony take a writing class with the 12-18 year-olds while Amanda naps. Then all the kids do science together and the toddlers play outside. This week was a scavenger hunt.

Meanwhile, in the school room at our house...

This is Maserati. He and his siblings have taken up residence in our basement this weekend. Too much fun!


e&e said...

I assume Maserati and sibs are visitors?

Cute Amanda photo. She looks a bit like a schoolgirl!

:)De said...

What a beautiful little girl! Thank you for visiting us. I am pleased to "meet" you and look forward to reading about your adoption and homeschool journey.


Mike and Katie said...

Yes, Maserati is just visiting, but I'll write more on that later.

:)De said... that I have read some of your archives I must say I am so impressed with your dedication to your daughter. I had a very close friend who also used elimenation communication and I had a chance to witness the extensive bond that comes from that technique. Neat!

Rose C said...

Cute baby and cute kitty!