Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photography Tips-Experiments with My New Camera

The summer, Mike bought me a really nice new camera. I had been shooting with a Sony DSC-S500. I have been very happy with that camera and it's taken some great pictures but the battery/disk compartment door was broken and it was very difficult to take pictures without the batteries falling out. Mike decided I needed to upgrade so he bought me a Sony DSC-H10.

The new camera is wonderful and has some great features. Although most of the time, I just leave it on the Auto setting, (the green picture of the camera) and hope for the best.

I often experiment with having the flash on or off. Having the flash on in outdoor pictures eliminates shadows so you can shoot into the sun and still see your subject. However, in the photo above, Amanda looks like she's superimposed onto the picture. She's not!

Here's a shot in the same direction with the flash off.
When I got home I warmed up the temperature in HP Image Zone. There is a way to adjust the temperature in the field, but Amanda was always on the move, so I didn't have time to adjust it.This is a shot on "Auto" with the flash on. When I get close and focus on Amanda's face, the rest of the background goes fuzzy. I'm not doing anything special, its the camera. I love these types of images. But like I said, she was on the move, and so I need to crop to center her in the photo.

I've experimented with my camera and learned few tricks from a friend.

These photo were taken at about 8:30 am. Amanda found her jacket in the living room and "asked" me to put it on her. Once I did, she went over to stairs and started rattling the gate. Have I told you how much she loves to be outside?

By the way, I know could really use some new subjects. We're working on it!


amanda said...

your daughter is so cute. and i LOVE her name. :) thanks for visiting my blog.

Kelsey said...

wow those are really great pictures!

BTW I love your backyard with all the fall leaves!! I've actually never seen fall leaves...sad I know lol.

Gabbin' with Giff said...

Love the new look! I still haven't done anything with mine. :) Adorable pictures, what a precious little girl!

Tonya said...

Hi Katie,

I was just reading about Amanda's adoption story. How SWEET! She's SO BEAUTIFUL and makes a wonderful addition to your family. =-)

My sister-in-law and her husband recently adopted as well. (They couldn't have children of their own) They got Allie Grace the day she was born. (Well, they obviously didn't get to bring her home then, but they were in the hospital at her birth and have had her since) She's AMAZING!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - it was SO NICE to meet you and your beautiful family. =-) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute sweater! So precious!



His Hands His Feet Today said...

I love your new header :)
Having cute photography subjects definately fans the photography flame doesn't? :)