Sunday, October 5, 2008

One little, two little, three little kitties...

This is Maserati, Goldie and Cali. They belong to a family from our church and we had the joy of watching them this weekend. They have a "big" brother, Harlo, but he was hiding in the basement at the time.

When our cat was in the house, they stayed in the basement with the boys, but when Chicky went outside the kittens ruled the roost. As you can see, the gate keeps Amanda from falling down the stairs but the kittens could squeeze through the slats. Amanda loved to play with them and feed them treats. She even wanted to pick them up and carry them, but she's a bit small for that!

They were so sweet and fun! When we started the petting sitting business two years ago the boys were hoping to have lots of fun cats, but we've had mostly dogs. This was a rare treat and apart from the litter boxes, they will be missed.

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