Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Boys in Action

Tyler and Tony have been playing soccer this fall. Soccer is not a huge sport in our town, so it's tough to compete. They don't seem to care.
One day Tyler came home and said, "Guess how many goals were scored on me? Zero!"
I said, "Wow! So, you guys finally won?!"
"No, I only played goalie for half the game."

The coach told him to wear something different to stand out as the goalie, so he created this fun shirt. On the back it says, "Deflected."

The other game of choice is Four-Square on our garage pad. There are three neighborhood boys that end up at our house after school playing with Tony and Tyler. They've been playing with a basketball, but we'd really like to find one of those playground balls that aren't so hard. There's a basketball sized dent in the back of our van and nobody knows how it got there.

Like my boys, these pictures are on the move. They belong on the family blog, but since I don't have access to my regular computer, I will publish them here.

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e&e said...

Where are you? I like these photos on here. We've bought playground balls at Target, but it may be more of a summer thing.