Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let Love Multiply!

I can't tell you how sick this little baby was and how slim his chances at life and the risk his mother took to try to save his life. All I can say is that God is good and people all over the globe prayed and he's here and he's healed and he's going home all to the praise and glory of God's name.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pig Tails!

When Amanda was newborn, I used Emu oil to keep her hair moisturized. It was lightweight, unscented and not greasy. As it grew longer and wore off in the back, I resorted to hats and pig tails to keep it looking nice. After the hair cut, Eucerin lotion held her hair neatly in place. By the end of July, I found Vaseline to be the most effective in keeping her hair from looking frizzy and getting tangled.

Now look!!

We've got pig tails again!

"Look at how cute you are!"

Now, I use Luster Pink Oil lotion to moisturize and pull her hair into pig tails after naps. I found a pack of 600 little colored single-use rubber bands. I use her finger nail clippers to cut the rubber band and remove it with lotion so I don't pull out her hair. It easiest to do her hair when she's sitting in front of me on the toilet, even though she only actually goes potty when she's sitting on the toilet alone. I face her and she holds onto my legs, and I, her back.

We will see what changes hat season brings to our hair routine!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Boys in Action

Tyler and Tony have been playing soccer this fall. Soccer is not a huge sport in our town, so it's tough to compete. They don't seem to care.
One day Tyler came home and said, "Guess how many goals were scored on me? Zero!"
I said, "Wow! So, you guys finally won?!"
"No, I only played goalie for half the game."

The coach told him to wear something different to stand out as the goalie, so he created this fun shirt. On the back it says, "Deflected."

The other game of choice is Four-Square on our garage pad. There are three neighborhood boys that end up at our house after school playing with Tony and Tyler. They've been playing with a basketball, but we'd really like to find one of those playground balls that aren't so hard. There's a basketball sized dent in the back of our van and nobody knows how it got there.

Like my boys, these pictures are on the move. They belong on the family blog, but since I don't have access to my regular computer, I will publish them here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Fun

"Look what Mom and Tyler put on the deck while I was sleeping!! Is it my birthday?"

Photography Tips-Experiments with My New Camera

The summer, Mike bought me a really nice new camera. I had been shooting with a Sony DSC-S500. I have been very happy with that camera and it's taken some great pictures but the battery/disk compartment door was broken and it was very difficult to take pictures without the batteries falling out. Mike decided I needed to upgrade so he bought me a Sony DSC-H10.

The new camera is wonderful and has some great features. Although most of the time, I just leave it on the Auto setting, (the green picture of the camera) and hope for the best.

I often experiment with having the flash on or off. Having the flash on in outdoor pictures eliminates shadows so you can shoot into the sun and still see your subject. However, in the photo above, Amanda looks like she's superimposed onto the picture. She's not!

Here's a shot in the same direction with the flash off.
When I got home I warmed up the temperature in HP Image Zone. There is a way to adjust the temperature in the field, but Amanda was always on the move, so I didn't have time to adjust it.This is a shot on "Auto" with the flash on. When I get close and focus on Amanda's face, the rest of the background goes fuzzy. I'm not doing anything special, its the camera. I love these types of images. But like I said, she was on the move, and so I need to crop to center her in the photo.

I've experimented with my camera and learned few tricks from a friend.

These photo were taken at about 8:30 am. Amanda found her jacket in the living room and "asked" me to put it on her. Once I did, she went over to stairs and started rattling the gate. Have I told you how much she loves to be outside?

By the way, I know could really use some new subjects. We're working on it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just so our kitty doesn't feel neglected...

"Are you lonely, kitty?"
"Don't worry! I still love you, too."

Puppy Wagon

Amanda loves her puppies. This one is from her birth mom. She hugs them close and then bites their noses.
I showed her how to load them in the walker and take them for a ride. The blue-eared puppy is from Mike's mom.
What a little good mama! She's coming to see how her puppies are doing.
And then giving them some love! Would you say this is the difference between girls and boys?

One little, two little, three little kitties...

This is Maserati, Goldie and Cali. They belong to a family from our church and we had the joy of watching them this weekend. They have a "big" brother, Harlo, but he was hiding in the basement at the time.

When our cat was in the house, they stayed in the basement with the boys, but when Chicky went outside the kittens ruled the roost. As you can see, the gate keeps Amanda from falling down the stairs but the kittens could squeeze through the slats. Amanda loved to play with them and feed them treats. She even wanted to pick them up and carry them, but she's a bit small for that!

They were so sweet and fun! When we started the petting sitting business two years ago the boys were hoping to have lots of fun cats, but we've had mostly dogs. This was a rare treat and apart from the litter boxes, they will be missed.

Friday, October 3, 2008

School Days

Our days are filled with Algebra, History, English, Spanish and Chemistry. The boys and I work together when Amanda naps and they work on their own when she's awake.

On Tuesdays, we join five other homeschooling families for Co-op. I teach a writing class to 10-12 year-olds and Tyler and Tony take a writing class with the 12-18 year-olds while Amanda naps. Then all the kids do science together and the toddlers play outside. This week was a scavenger hunt.

Meanwhile, in the school room at our house...

This is Maserati. He and his siblings have taken up residence in our basement this weekend. Too much fun!