Friday, September 12, 2008

Read Me a Story!

This week Amanda brought me a book and "asked" me to read it to her. She wanted me to point to the pictures and say the names. Then she would point to the pictures and chatter.
She's always loved books but mostly she just carried them around and chewed on them. Mike's been working with her to sit still and look a the pages one by one. He very good at shortening the story for her attention span.
The first book she brought me was this charming little story called "Where's Baby?" Amanda started playing her own version by hiding in the book.
What's the best way to get out the wiggles that build up during story time? Play football with Daddy! Mike would spin the football on it's end and Amanda would catch it.
So far, having a girl hasn't been that much different. She still plays with balls, sticks, trucks, rocks and dirt. She is just usually dressed prettier while doing it!

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ann said...

She's adorable. Happy face every time!