Thursday, September 4, 2008

It isn't pretty!

Our biker buggy, that is, but we love it. It's worn out, the clips are rusty, that pads are torn off, the plastic is cracked, the canopy and flag are long gone and the handle bar is held on by croquet wires.
It used to be new and pretty and have all the parts when I was pregnant with Tony. Here's Tyler, a friend and Grandma Cathy. But after six grandkids, twelve years, numerous friends and hundreds of miles, it's looking a little rough.
And let's not forget how it's been used since it came back to our house. The little neighbor boy actually thought we brought it home for him, since he was the only one who used it last year before Amanda came home. It can fit two kids but he wouldn't ride with Amanda in "his" stroller. Can you guess why Tyler is driving so fast?
They were trying to catch Tony!

I think it's good for a few more miles.


e&e said...

That's awesome. Love the photo sequence of the boys. We have a beautiful "buggy" that we haven't used in too long. We bought it three summer ago and two of those I have spent pregnant.

When we were visiting Mark & Jody once, we pulled out their old one that looked remarkably similar to yours. We padded a one year old Joshy up with pillows and took off. He loved it for fifteen minutes, and then promptly fell asleep.


Jamie said...

Amanda makes it pretty, and she's even wearing her nice dress for the ride! John says, "Nice turf!" That's something a landscaper appreciates!