Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It gets better everyday.

Amanda is learning new skills each day. Today she began signing "more". She didn't actually want more milk, but she copied my signing when I asked her. She made the sign again for Daddy at dinner. Besides clapping, she has also been trying to blow kisses and folding her hands when we pray before meals. Amanda has often grabbed for the comb when I've been brushing her hair but this week she tried to brush her own hair.

It's wonderful to watch her grow and learn.

Amanda has also started complaining when she is separated from us. Until two weeks ago, whenever I played piano with the worship team at church, I would hand Amanda to one of the church ladies before service. She would sit happily in the service until the sermon. Then I would take her out and feed her and take her to the potty. Then I would give her back for the last song after the sermon. But two weeks ago, she started fussing the minute I handed her off and wouldn't be content with her church sitter. I ended up sitting out with her for the whole service since it had never happened before and we didn't have a plan.

We go to a very small church and there aren't regular nursery workers because there aren't always kids who need the nursery. Usually, I only play once a month and Mike plays every week, but this month we play three Sundays in a row. Last Sunday there were two other kids in the nursery with their grandma and so she sat with Amanda. Amanda cried for a little bit and then played with the kids. During the sermon I fed and toileted her and then I strapped Amanda to my back for the last song.

I usually strap her to my back during practice and she's good for most of the hour we practice. Toward the end she gets wiggly and starts pulling my hair as she trying to stand up in the wrap.
I'm considering strapping her on my back for next Sunday's service, because I would rather her have her in the service with us. She was pretty mellow during that last song and she might behave better than she does during practice. I'll let you know how it goes.

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