Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Great Outdoors

A friend asked me if Mike was enjoying Amanda more than he thought he would. He said, " Absolutely!" I guess you just can't imagine how wonderful a blessing with be until you're holding it in your hand.
He's had his special Daddy moments, too. Recently, I brought her into his place of work and in a room full of strangers, she cried and reach out for him for safety and comfort. That was very special to him. Of course, the daily squeals of delight when he walks in the door are sweet treasures, also.
Amanda loves to play outside and Mike loves to take her out and introduce her to the natural world.
They collect acorns, rocks and sticks. Then on Saturday during dinner, Mike spotted this owl in our backyard. We've only seen two owls in the four and half years we've lived here. It was a rare treat. Can anyone identify it? Mom? If you click on the picture you can see it up close.


e&e said...

I'll probably do better with the lunch. I'll ask Eric later. The only owls I can think of are the great horned. Those are sweet photos of Mike and his little girl. And that jacket is perfect for fall!


Michelle said...

I know, I know!!! It's a barred owl. You HAVE to check out my post from today!

Katie, you are such a great photographer. Care to give me any tips?

e&e said...

I enlarged the photo and have another guess. A Gray Spotted owl, because it's gray and spotted. Aren't I logical?

ali said...

isnt it just so wonderful? shawn is #5 for us and he still delights us all day long, even though he bites LOL. my yesterday my sAid "he is the most beautiful baby". he wasnt sure if he'd fall in love with him so quickly, we had adopted, but had never adopted a newborn before, but the minute i stepped off the airplane and met up with him, he instantly loved him. he just makes our day. yesterday he climbed out of his crib. i am in truble now, hes only (almost) 14 mos old! HELP!
ps-still nursing? i am, he is NOT ready to give it up at all!

Mike and Katie said...


Yep, we're still nursing. The other day she beat me to the nursing chair. It's really fun nursing a toddler.