Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Letter

School is starting in the next week and my summer blogging hobby needs to be set aside. Tyler's Math, Spanish, Chemistry, and Typing will be done on the computer and Tony has Math and Science. Needless to say the computer will be well occupied. Tyler will start high school this year so it will be intense and exciting.
Before blogging, my cousin Elisa used to send out a Sunday letter to her family with pictures and an update from the week. I'm going to follow that example and commit to posting on Sundays.
Amanda played in the nursery for a bit during church. She loves to sing when the music starts and sometimes even after it stops. It's welcome joyful noise in our congregation. When the sermon starts, we leave for a potty break and a snack. Our church is very small and the fellowship hall is right next to the sanctuary. I can sit in there and feed Amanda yet still hear the sermon. Today while I was cleaning up, she wandered into the nursery. There were no other children in nursery today.After Amanda's nap, we went for a long walk on the trails in our neighborhood. Tyler spent a couple of days helping a church group clear and maintain the trails. They were in great shape without any fallen trees, washouts, or large rocks. When we got back home, Amanda found this rubber band shooter in the yard. What a country bumkin!Just before bed, Amanda had to show off her adorable new birthday jammies, her tooth brushing and her little potty. The jammies were a gift from the neighbor. We use the little potty in the van but since she's started walking we brought it into the house so she can use it by herself.

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Michelle said...

I have the same van potty as you! Do you line it with a plastic trash bag and throw a piece of paper towel (for absorbancy) in like we do? :-)