Sunday, August 10, 2008

Milk Transition

Update: We're getting used to a new normal. Amanda's bowels have settled some but things have changed. She's having BM's more frequently and always in the morning before she lets me know she's awake. That's been happening for months and I have no idea how to resolve that pattern. I've tried waking her up as soon as I'm awake (between 4:30 am and 5 am) which helps but if I wake up much later than that I have a dirty bum to clean up. Since Amanda isn't used to laying down to have her diaper changed, this means using a squirt bottle and toilet paper while I hold her over the toilet. Amanda is a happy as ever and it's great that she's having more healthy stools compared to the hard, constipating formula stools.

We're beginning the process of transitioning from formula to whole milk. We thought we'd start with goat's milk because that's easier to digest. Amanda will drink the milk mixed with formula or breastmilk in the nurser, but she's been having runny stools. So, needless to say, she'll be in diapers until her tummy settles down. Hopefully, that is soon. We're only mixing a little bit in at a time. Any other tips or experiences?


Molly said...

My daughter just turned a year in July, and she transitioned from formula to Vitamen D milk really well.

I would keep doing what your doing! She'll get use to it.

Your daughter is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Since you ASKED for tips...."A runny tummy" as the Brits would say? I wonder if there are any lactose intolerance issues?

As far as the bum washing, I would gently suggest that she learn to be still during a diaper change. I used to nanny for a little Swedish boy who had his parents convinced that he had to be changed while standing!! As a mother, grandma, nanny, etc, I have changed quite a few kids and I know they can get restless but you are "in charge." A firm voice and a determined manner might work wonders. "Be still, and know that I!"

That being said, I have used what I call a "poor man's bidet" system since I was in the hospital for childbirth. That is, the soft squirt bottle I was given for hygenic purposes gave me the idea to keep a small water bottle without the cap in the bathroom. It's easy to "freshen up" if you just sit on the potty and pour it over your parts, with soap or without. You could try sitting her on the pot and doing this for your lovely little girl. (Girls can get really stinky!) Perhaps that is what you are describing as "a squirt bottle and t.p." (: God bless you both!

Mike and Katie said...

The truth is I'm not used to changing her diaper laying down.

I am using the bottle I got from the hospital after giving birth to my second son to squirt her clean! Very handy!

I have considered lactose issues, but she has been on cow's milk formula. My eldest son had issues with milk, cheese and yogurt and she hasn't had any problems with the latter two foods prior to eliminating formula. We are trying rice milk and almond milk to supplement the breast milk she is getting.