Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Last Days of Summer and Toys

The days are getting cooler and it's time to pack away to summer clothes but not without on last shot of my favorite summer outfit. I love the color and it's short but feminine. It's pretty but when she was crawling she wasn't getting tangled in the skirt.
These are also practice shots of my new camera.
I've been working like crazy to get the house in order for the start of school and one my priorities was moving Amanda's toys into her room and out of the living room. I also wanted them to be more organized instead of just thrown into a laundry basket in the living room.Here's Amanda's new toy corner in her room. It gives us a great opportunity to teach her about organizing. She was pulling things off the shelf faster than I could put them on. Then I said it was time to clean up and she sat on my lap while I helped her put them on the shelf. Then we closed the door and left the room. But seriously, who needs toys when you've got a tri-pod box and a water jug!

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e&e said...

SO TRUE about the toys. My little ones are still having fun with empty boxes from moving. They are also loving clothespins and potholders. I love their creativity when they play with non-toy things.

That is a cute little orange frock. The thing about changing wardrobes for the changing season with little ones is they won't be wearing it next year. That's it! It's good motivations for me not to save anything for a special occasion, but to let Mari wear whatever whenever (within some sort of reason, of course).

Thanks for the slew of posts!