Monday, August 18, 2008

Infant Potty Training Journal

Please ask your questions and share your experiences.

6-26-2009 Amanda is using the potty sign to avoid other unpleasent activities, too. Like eating undesired foods or getting her hair rinsed. She is using it to tell me when she needs to go more through out the day, too. We got a potty training video from Pull-Ups in the mail and we watch it while I'm working on her hair. That has sparked quite a bit of interest in telling me she has to go potty. Great for the potty training- not so great for the braiding!

5-16-2009 Most of the day, I don't see the potty sign from Amanda. But, as soon as I get her diaper on before bedtime, then she starts waving the potty sign frantically! Of course. The frustrating part is that she often needs to go despite being set on the toilet moments prior. It is always a challenge when kids figure out what tricks to use to avoid bedtime.

5-2-2009 Amanda has begun using sign language to tell me she needs to go potty more often these days. She's been using the sign while going potty or shortly afterwards but I was very excited when she told me before she had gone.

1-13-09 Things have been going pretty much the same. Amanda will use the potty if I get ther there when she needs to go. If not, she goes in her training pants. I just do my best to watch the clock and get her there frequently. Sometimes she gives some indication she needs to go by grunting or squatting. Hopefully as her language develops more she'll start telling me, but it's still worth it. It saves me washing diapers and wiping icky messes.

10-31-08 Toileting is going along just fine. Most days we don't have any accidents. She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go, but she will hold it until I take her to the potty. I take her at least every 1/2 hour. She prefers to sit on the potty herself. I face her and she holds onto my legs and I hold her back. This makes clean-up easy. I still hold her over public toilets, though. She still wets and occasionally dirties her cloth diapers at naptime. We use flat folds and Super Whisper Wraps. At night, we use disposables.

9-25-08 The little potty is back in the van. The regular toilet is just easier and Amanda doesn't try to wear it like a hat. We've had days with lots of success and days with lots of misses. I just keep attending to her and taking her to the potty after a certain time or if she appears to be squatting or tooting. I keep saying the words and making the toilet sign, so hopefully she will start using those. She can say, "Football" so "potty" can't be far behind.

8-19-08 Some one used the word "independence" when I described my new experiences with potty training. It made me think. I brought the little potty in from the van and placed it in the kitchen. I kept Amanda in the kitchen, bare-butt, while I did my chores. I could keep a closer eye on her and watch for signs that she needed to go. Just like a puppy, she would back into a corner. She seemed very happy to be placed on the little potty instead of being carried off to the bathroom. We had lots of successes today and a few misses. I don't enjoy cleaning out the little potty each time, but it's better than wet pants, carpet or a diaper.

8-17-08 I think I have washed out more dirty diapers since we stopped using formula than in the whole last year. I was telling Mike that I tried cloth diapers with my oldest boy when he was about a year. I was so grossed out that I cut the plastic pants and diaper off and threw them away. His BM's were very similar to what Amanda's have become. Mike said, "I guess this is your opportunity to show your fortitude."

Life has changed and the success of two months ago has vanished. She is even having more wet accidents. Diet change, mobility, less babywearing and an over confident mommy have put us back to square one. About the time she began crawling, she began protesting sitting on the potty but she doesn't communicate that she needs to go potty.

One day last week, I woke her at 5 am and 7 am and was able to catch all the BM's that day. but the next day, I didn't wake up before she did and she was dirty. Today we've already had a dirty diaper upon waking and an accident in training pants and it's only 8:30 am. I'll just keep trying.

8-10-08 We're getting used to a new normal. Amanda's bowels have settled some but things have changed. She's having BM's more frequently and always in the morning before she lets me know she's awake. That's been happening for months and I have no idea how to resolve that pattern. I've tried waking her up as soon as I'm awake (between 4:30 am and 5 am) which helps but if I wake up much later than that, I have a dirty bum to clean up. Since Amanda isn't used to laying down to have her diaper changed, this means using a squirt bottle and toilet paper while I hold her over the toilet. Amanda is a happy as ever and it's great that she's having more healthy stools compared to the hard, constipating formula stools.

7-7-08 Going diaper-free while during waking hours.

6-23-08 I took Amanda to the grocery store last Saturday wearing only bloomers and cotton pants (and a shirt and shoes). Not the grocery store that's five minutes away but the one that's a half hour away. She stayed dry and pottied when we got to the store. Then, she stayed dry all the way home.She's been staying dry when we've gone out and about to church, the neighbors and the chiropractor.

And I've been struggling with keeping her protected but convenient for potty breaks. So, I decided since it was summer, I would put a waterproof pad in her car seat and bring an extra change of clothes. She's no more likely to have an accident or miss, as they are called in elimination communication, than any two or three year old who is being potty trained.I've ordered some pull-on training pants from the EC Store to use at fancy places like church where somebody else might be holding her. But for the most part, she'll be diaper-free when she's awake.

She still wets her diaper at night and nap time, but I'd have to sleep with her in order to catch her before she wets when she wakes up. That won't be happening anytime soon.By the way, Mike said we could adopt again when Amanda was out of diapers! Hee, hee, hee!

6-18-08 Amanda stayed strapped on my back the whole time. She stayed dry, too. It was close to an hour.

6-9-08 She uses the potty regularly and often stays dry when we are out and about.

5-15-08 Adoptive nursing, babywearing, elimination communication, and cloth diapering have been practices that have helped with bonding, since the amount of time you spend with a person is directly related to the strength of your bond.

4-5-08 Yes, Amanda is potty trained. If I take her to the toilet, when she needs to go, she will go in the toilet. Some days I'm better at getting her there in time than others. She is also beginning to show that she has some bladder control, because sometimes when I take her, she gives a little shudder of relief.

Yesterday, we went for a walk and ended up visiting at the neighbors. On the way back home, I remembered that she was undiapered. She was front facing in the wrap, so I spread the wrap out of the way and squatted by the side of the road. She didn't go, but stayed dry until we got home. It had been over 1/2 hour.

Dressing for EC'ing-Before Amanda was crawling, she wore infant gowns at home. When she was awake I'd pull the elastic bottom up around her waist and tuck a cloth diaper into the elastic. At naps, I put her in a cloth diaper and waterproof cover. Once she started crawling, I began putting her in little cotton pants that were easy to pull down when I took her to the potty. I have three white cotton, long sleeve body suits that snap at the crotch that she wore under long sleeve shirts. (Onsies have too long of a tail) I left them unsnapped when she was diaper-free, but I snapped them at naps to keep her warm.

I have began taking her to the potty when we go out, too. I have experimented with cloth and a pull on cover, cloth and Velcro cover and disposables. I finally figured out a convenient system. I put her in a disposable diaper backwards! That way I can pull her pants down to her knees, unfasten the diaper, flip is towards her feet and let her go. Then I lay her over my knee and refasten the diaper and pull up her pants. Today was the first day we tried the new system because she was at a sitter's house. It worked well. It was also the first time that she went potty for somebody else. She went potty twice for the sitter in the 3 1/2 hours she was there.

2-5-08 She's been having some issues with diaper rash after using disposables so we've started using the cloth when we go out, too. She has stayed dry and I've taken her to the potty at church and gym. Unfortunately, she has also dirtied her diaper upon waking. She is often very quiet and doesn't let us know she's awake. It's a problem that started at Christmastime when we traveled. I try to catch it and have her go in the toilet, but it's been challenging.

1-24-08 "Potty training" is going well. My mom was here on Monday and witnessed me taking her to the potty and then hearing Amanda go. She was impressed. Mike is always amazed when I take her in there and she goes, too.

10-30-07 The last two nights Amanda has protest loudly after being put to bed, which was unusual. Both times she pooped immediately after being put on the potty. I'm just so thrilled she prefers to use the toilet.

10-18-07 I'm still taking Amanda to the toilet through out the day. She goes #1 often in the toilet and in her diapers, but she can go for days without going #2. Sometimes it's so long between times I wonder if I'll recognize the cues. We still have had only two dirty diapers in 3 weeks, the rest land in the pot. I wonder how things will change when she's taking more formula.

10-13-07 We have a bunch of infant gowns that we use during the week. They work the best for toileting and diapering, but when we go out I figure she should be dressed pretty.

10-12-07 Have you ever seen those naked babies in developing countries and wondered about the mess? Elimination Communication is the name give to the system of knowing your baby so well that you know when they are going to eliminate and taking them to the toilet instead of letting them fill a diaper.When I read about this years ago, I wondered how it was possible but I was anxious to give it a try. Why on earth would I want to do such a thing? Because I like spending time with my baby and I can. God has given me a wonderful capacity to learn new things and I won't let that go to waste.

So, here's the scoop. I planned to use cloth diapers to cut costs in both the cost of diapers and the cost of disposal. I was able to get a good sense of when Amanda would eliminate and began sitting her on the potty between my legs. The were certain things she would do; twist and turn while nursing, latch on and off, grunt and get red in the face. We've had great success for about a week and a half. I haven't had to wash out any dirty diapers. They've only been wet.

We are on such a good routine of eating and sleeping that is doesn't mean extra time or energy. She usually nurses through half a feeding. We sit on the potty while she burps. I sing to her, talk to her and she looks in my eyes and smiles. She also gets practice sitting up. I noticed that she was getting stronger and supporting herself more. After a bit, we finish the feeding. I use warm water to encourage her to urinate before going to bed and upon waking. So, that's two or three trips to the potty in the hour that she's awake. Then she's in bed for two hours.

During the day, I put her in cloth diapers for naps, but as soon as she wakes up I remove the diaper and just have her sit on a cloth diaper. If she urinates before going to bed and I wake her up her diaper will be dry. More often her diaper is wet and she often awakes from her nap because it's wet. As soon as I change it, she falls back asleep. When we go out and at night we still put her disposables.

I am not trying to "potty train" my infant. I'm simply following her cues so that I don't have to wash out a dirty diaper. The added bonus will be that when she is capable of controlling her bowel and bladder the potty will already be a normal part of her life.

P.S. I have had to wash out a dirty diaper since this original post, but far fewer you'd expect.

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