Friday, August 15, 2008

I made yogurt!

Yesterday, following a recipe and intructions from Ruth Yaron's Super Baby Food, I experimented with making yogurt! I began by placing a quart of whole organic milk in a canning jar into a pot of water. As I was heating the milk to 185 degress to scald it, the bottom of the jar broke and leaked out into the pot of water. I had placed the jar directly in the bottom of the pan. So, for the next try, with less milk, just in case, I placed the jar on top out my steamer basket. I removed the feet and center ring so it sat deeper in the pot.

Then I raised the temperature slowly to 185 degrees F. When it reached that temperature, I added ice cubes slowly to the water in the pot. There was a candy thermometer clipped to the side of the jar in the milk the whole time. Once, the temperature of the yogurt fell to around 100 degrees, I added 1 Tbsp of store bought yogurt. Then I dumped the cool water and refilled the pot with water from the tap that was about 120 degrees. Then I covered the yogurt and thermometer with plastic wrap, placed it in the pot of warm water and set on on the warming element of our stove on the lowest setting. (I had tested this spot a while back and found that it stayed at about 110 degrees.)

I kept an eye on the temperature and it actually stayed around 100 degrees for the three or four hours that it sat there on the stove. I tested it when I began to see a little bit of clear liquid around the thermometer. Then I put the cover on the jar and put it in the fridge.

This morning Amanda had fresh, whole milk yogurt in her oatmeal! Isn't that wonderful?

My next goal: Get fresh milk from a farmer so that it's not homogenized, meaning the cream rises to the top. We soak our wheat flour in cultured milk for our pancakes so if I can make my own yogurt, that would save us money and reduce waste.

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