Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Because I prefer pictures to words on blogs...

Amanda's new life jacket. It just showed up at our house before the boat. I think it was a cousin hand-me-down. This was the first time Amanda walked on the deck. Usually she gets nervous when she sees the ground through the cracks and crawls carefully, but she couldn't see her feet, the deck or the ground below. The life jacket was in the way.It's a little bulky so if Amanda falls over, she needs help getting up.Everyday after Amanda's afternoon nap, we go exploring in the yard, to the beach, for a walk or visiting. Look at all that nice green grass! That was basically weeds and sand last spring because adoption was a greater financial priority than grass or a boat.
Amanda just loves her Daddy because he's big and strong and so much fun!
I consolidated my notes about adoptive nursing and infant potty training from the last year into journals so when you use the labels you won't have to slog through a whole post where I might have mentioned those things in one sentence. I will keep updating those posts.


Kelli said...

Hi Katie. Jamison didn't get teeth early. She was right around average so I'm so surprised that she's losing her first tooth already. She is so excited too to lose it and have the tooth fairy come and give her something. She asked me this morning how many more days until her tooth comes out. Too funny.
She will be 5 next month, another thing she is so excited for. She's having a Sleeping Beauty Princess Birthday Party. She starts Kindergarten next week. So many changes. She will be the youngest in her class because her birthday is the day before the cut off.
So, do you think Amanda's birth family reads your blog? Have they commented before?

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Kelli,

Amanda's birth mom and her parents check the blog regularly. We are in contact via email and we've talked a couple of times on the phone. They are happy to see she is doing well.

We've sent them pictures through out this last year and will continue to do so twice a year.

They are very gracious and sweet and have sent Amanda cards and gifts.


Mike and Katie said...

P.S. Amanda's foster family checks the blog, too. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to keep them up to date. I've heard that's the hardest part about doing foster care, you never hear from the child or family again.

Kelli said...

Hi Katie:

That's really good to hear that they read the blog and catch up with Amanda. She is so adorable and I'm sure it makes her birth mother feel good that God blessed Amanda with a wonderful home.
My sister, who is adopted, doesn't know anything about her mom and there is no contact. I wonder if one day she'll want to find her.
BTW, Amanda looks so cute in her life jacket. I'm glad she enjoyed the boat.

MSO said...

Yes, Katie...we love keeping up with your whole family. We wish the boys weren't so "bashful". Of course, I keep comparing Amanda with "Robbie", the baby we had at the same time who is only 2 days older. He is just as BIG as Amanda is petite. And he's not walking yet...but he will soon since he is standing alone. Thank you for letting us share this experience with you. Love, Mary Sue (Rene's mom)