Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back Wrap Shoulder Strap

Here's the long awaited video of how I get Amanda on my back. Thanks to the purcahse of a tri-pod. To get her off I just untie it and slip it off my shoulders. In the van, I drape it on the seat back and have her stand up against the wrap. That's how I wrap her when we're out and about.


Kelli said...

How creative! I'm sure that helps so much with bonding and getting things done. The summer dress is adorable too.

e&e said...

Wow that's pretty crazy. We appreciate Amanda's narrative contributions as well.

Looks like all those videos you watched about this even before Amanda came really paid off. You're a natural!

Qtpies7 said...

That is fantastic! I am going to go give it a try! I'm not sure it will work with my wrap, which is pretty stretchy, but I'll try it.

Michelle said...

I love it! You are amazing. I wish I would have had a wrap like that with Ezra.