Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pony and Cart Rides

It was just another day at the farm, but today we brought Elisa, Joshy and Mariella! Tony was the photographer for the day. We saddled Muffit and hitched Jake up to the cart. Joshy and Mariella each got to ride the pony and take a ride in the cart. Amanda stayed strapped on my back the whole time. She stayed dry, too. It was close to an hour.Joshy had a great time and grew more confident as the ride progressed. He confessed he had been a little concerned at the start.

Elisa and I reminisced about my mom hitching up our Morgan mare Schera to our two-bench buggy many summer evenings for a ride in the fields with all the cousins. Jake is the same color, but much shorter. What a sweet life we've been given.

The owners of the farm used to own a resort and they would bring their guests to the farm to see the animals. One night a little boys, who was about five, was there with his mother. A fly landed on his hand and he said, "Mamma, what's that?" She replied, "That's a horsefly. You see, they have horses and so they also have horseflies." A while later a dragonfly flew near the little boy and he asked, "Mamma, what's that?" "That's a dragonfly," she answered. He looked at her with wonder and exclaimed, "Do they have dragons, too?!"

Quote of the day: After dropping her rice puffs on the floor Mari said, (in toddler speak) "It's okay. A little birdie will eat them." She was right! The little birdie's name was Amanda.

Tony and Joshua had a great time playing with legos.

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