Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fish Grab

Amanda is becoming more leary of animals. She likes them and is excited but she is a little slower about reaching for them our crawling near them. (See Gracie ) However, she had no fear grabbing this funny little creature (I'm sorry boys, "Big Fish!"). What a silly girl!


the geislers said...

We are very impressed with Amanda's affection for animals! Lily is an animal-phobe for the most part :). She's finally warming up to the baby kitties, but doesn't want them too close (they have claws, you know!). We still need to check in on baby Amanda often, so thanks for the updates! We sort of feel like we know you - blogs have a way of doing that :).

Jamie said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment about my post on entertainment! I give thanks to the Lord that there are like-minded believers out there! It spurs me on. I enjoyed reading about Amanda; we adopted a biracial baby girl in December 2007, Jesse. She is almost 7 months now. Press on to know the Lord! Hosea 6:3