Friday, June 20, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We have wonderful clean lakes near our home and even more wonderful friends who invite us to visit them on the lake. Amanda was a little nervous at first, but after getting acclimated to her surroundings, she had a great time in the water and sand. This was her first time in the lake. We've been working with her to avoid putting things in her mouth, so she did good in that regard.

*Notice the sound of the pneumatic nailer in the background? They're building a new deck. I know it disturbs the peaceful lake scene. We'll enjoy it when it's done.


e&e said...

Wish we had clean lakes by us. Soon we'll have no lakes at all!

Does Amanda have a swimsuit?


Mike and Katie said...

Yes, Amanda has the little suit that Mari never wore. We'll have it on next time. It felt a little chilly for swimming so I didn't really plan for it. But Amanda didn't seem to mind.


dorothy said...

Lurker Dorothy checking you out while the kiddos bathe. I'm an adoptive nurser too! I gave it up after child number 7 - I tandemed 6 and 7 exclusively until my back cried for mercy and my husband declared me done.

What a sweetie Amanda is!

e&e said...

I thought Amanda did have one, but I wanted to make sure as I thought perhaps I'd forgotten to give it to you.

Jamie said...

My blog post today is in your honor. (: You are a great encourager!