Monday, June 23, 2008

Asparagus and Kale

There is nothing I like better than feeding my family super healthy food. So, when Amanda happily gobbled up pureed kale and applesauce, I couldn't have been more thrilled. She did make funny faces at the asparagus but that's because I gave it to her straight without first mixing it with a familiar fruit. After mixing it with applesauce, she ate it willingly.

This was the same day that Tyler asked that I would please refrain from adding beans (black turtle, kidney, and garbanzo) to the spagetti sauce. The men just don't appreciate the additional fiber, nutrients, completed protien with the whole wheat noodles and how the beans make the meat and sauce go farther for a fraction of the cost. Oh, well. Amanda likes my cooking.

Diaper Free

I took Amanda to the grocery store last Saturday wearing only bloomers and cotton pants (and a shirt and shoes). Not the grocery store that's five minutes away but the one that's a half hour away. She stayed dry and pottied when we got to the store. Then, she stayed dry all the way home.

She's been staying dry when we've gone out and about to church, the neighbors and the chiropractor. And I've been struggling with keeping her protected but convenient for potty breaks. So, I decided since it was summer, I would put a waterproof pad in her car seat and bring an extra change of clothes. She's no more likely to have an accident or miss, as they are called in elimination comunication, than any two or three year old who is being potty trained.

I've ordered some pull-on training pants from the EC Store to use at fancy places like church where somebody else might be holding her. But for the most part, she'll be diaper-free when she's awake. She still wets her diaper at night and nap time, but I'd have to sleep with her in order to catch her before she wets when she wakes up. That won't be happening anytime soon.

By the way, Mike said we could adopt again when Amanda was out of diapers! Hee, hee, hee!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We have wonderful clean lakes near our home and even more wonderful friends who invite us to visit them on the lake. Amanda was a little nervous at first, but after getting acclimated to her surroundings, she had a great time in the water and sand. This was her first time in the lake. We've been working with her to avoid putting things in her mouth, so she did good in that regard.

*Notice the sound of the pneumatic nailer in the background? They're building a new deck. I know it disturbs the peaceful lake scene. We'll enjoy it when it's done.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pony and Cart Rides

It was just another day at the farm, but today we brought Elisa, Joshy and Mariella! Tony was the photographer for the day. We saddled Muffit and hitched Jake up to the cart. Joshy and Mariella each got to ride the pony and take a ride in the cart. Amanda stayed strapped on my back the whole time. She stayed dry, too. It was close to an hour.Joshy had a great time and grew more confident as the ride progressed. He confessed he had been a little concerned at the start.

Elisa and I reminisced about my mom hitching up our Morgan mare Schera to our two-bench buggy many summer evenings for a ride in the fields with all the cousins. Jake is the same color, but much shorter. What a sweet life we've been given.

The owners of the farm used to own a resort and they would bring their guests to the farm to see the animals. One night a little boys, who was about five, was there with his mother. A fly landed on his hand and he said, "Mamma, what's that?" She replied, "That's a horsefly. You see, they have horses and so they also have horseflies." A while later a dragonfly flew near the little boy and he asked, "Mamma, what's that?" "That's a dragonfly," she answered. He looked at her with wonder and exclaimed, "Do they have dragons, too?!"

Quote of the day: After dropping her rice puffs on the floor Mari said, (in toddler speak) "It's okay. A little birdie will eat them." She was right! The little birdie's name was Amanda.

Tony and Joshua had a great time playing with legos.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I may have woken up the baby...

when I crashed into the playpen." -Mike

Amanda was sleeping in her playpen in our room because he had been running a Bobcat outside her bedroom window. In the few minutes I had seen him when he came in, I had neglected to communicate the temporary change in sleeping arrangements. See Elisa, we still have communication problems!

Happy and Curious

I'm still working on a formal picture in this cute dress, but Amanda is so interested in all the lovely plants and flowers, I can't get any nice smiling pictures outdoors. Oh well, she is still the cutest thing ever!
There she's smiling! She loves to hang on our legs when we're working in the kitchen. Those are Tyler's legs. Every time we catch her eye she smiles at us, but when she meets new people she can be very shy. She will furrow her brow and give them a very serious look or tuck her chin to avoid eye contact. We are teaching her to wave and blow kisses which usually gets a smile. Tony can always make her laugh, no matter where we are. He sits next to her in the van and brings her endless entertainment, too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fish Grab

Amanda is becoming more leary of animals. She likes them and is excited but she is a little slower about reaching for them our crawling near them. (See Gracie ) However, she had no fear grabbing this funny little creature (I'm sorry boys, "Big Fish!"). What a silly girl!

Monday, June 9, 2008

10 months

At 10 months, Amanda weighs 18 lbs and is 27 inches long. She is wearing 12 months size clothes and size 2 shoes. She still wears 6-9 pants when she's undiapered.

She nurses about 4 times a day, loves to drink from a sippy cup and loves to eat. I've been grinding whole grains in my blender and cooking them for her. It's called Super Baby Porridge. I grind brown rice, millet, red lentils, rolled oats, and great northern beans. Very nutritious!

She pulls herself to stand on everything and occasionally stands for a moment. She'll walk if you hold her hands, but she thinks crawling is much faster.

She has four teeth and we can see two more coming in on top. She sleeps from 6 pm to 5:30 or 6:00 am and she takes three naps a day. She uses the potty regularily and often stays dry when we are out and about.

She is a very happy, lively and loud little baby! She seems to enjoying yelling just because she can. Can you believe it's been ten months already?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rice Puffs and Wiggles

Amanda's funny happy wiggle and her first meal in her new high chair.

Garage Sale Finds

Now that the snow finally melted, it's time to hit the garage sales. Here are a couple of the cute dresses and the booster chair we found.
I love this little red gingham dress. The minute I saw it, it reminded me of Amanda's foster family. They keep a photo of each foster baby in an outfit and blanket of red gingham on their wall. When I have time, I'll take a good picture of her to send to them.

Down on the Farm

Amanda and Carmel Taffy*

Taffy is wondering if Amanda brought a treat.

Welcome the newest baby, Scout! He has wild curly dark hair like Amanda. His mom's name is Bunny.

*Carmel Taffy is a Shetland pony, so she is under 48 inches tall.