Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, we drove to the Cities for Cousin Shianna's Baptism. It was at a vibrant Catholic Church full of young families with lots of children. It was wonderful and busy.
Amanda enjoyed seeing her cousin and Shianna was so adorable in her pretty white dress.
My aunt has an amazing garden that is perfect for wonderful photos. I could have spent hours there taking beautiful shots. Amanda was so interested in the dirt, flowers, and all the new things to see. Being outside is such a new and exciting experience for her.
Our last stop was at Cousin Elisa's to visit Joshy and Mariella. The last time they were together, Amanda enjoyed being held a bit more. Now she just wanted to escape and play with all the fun toys on the floor.
It was a good trip but tiring for everybody. Amanda only slept for a short time in the car. My mom and grandmother came from farther up north and we picked up Lucy along the way. It's always good to reconnect with family.

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