Friday, May 9, 2008

Crawling In the Grass

We went to the barn to work for the first time this spring. For the last two years we have helped an elderly couple on their pony farm. We've cleaned stalls, washed ponies, trained ponies, given rides, mended fences and helped in the garden. The boys did most of the working today while I puttered in the garden with Amanda on my back. She was so good and just looked around and enjoyed the sights.

The grass looked so green and lovely at the farm. So, after a quick trip to the potty, Amanda crawled in the grass for the first time. It was so funny to watch her carefully pick her way through the grass. I'm sure it was so different for her than crawling on hard floor or carpet. It was very different for me, too. It is a big milestone for me to allow her to get down and crawl through the grass and dirt.

Next time we go, I need to remember work gloves and my camera.

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