Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's three o-clock in the morning and I just heard a snowmobile go by. I'm glad somebody's enjoying these April snow storms. I had to cover my precious tulips that are just pushing their new leaves.

Amanda had her first "professional" photo shoot yesterday. Mike thought it would be a waste of time because he loves the all photos I've taken here at home. However, it was a fund raiser for the local MOPS group and I thought she should have at least one "professional" sitting before her first year. We were rushed, it was cold, Amanda was not napped or fed and she was scared of the big strange man. The little girl who came after us was terrified, too.

We get one free 10x13 that will be chosen from the first three shots. Unfortunately, those shots included an ugly little teddy bear that distracted from Amanda's adorable little dress.

Oh, well. When it warms up I will take my own shots in some pretty flower garden somewhere.

All of the other photos you see here on Amanda's blog, I have taken. I set up a spot in front of a sunny window while Amanda's sleeping. For backgrounds, I've used Christmas fabric, an angel costume, wrapping paper, play silks, my tie-dye wrap and my pink wrap. I put chairs on the table and drape or clip the fabric to the chair. Then when Amanda wakes up, I feed her, dress or undress her and snap a few photos before she gets tired and crabby. After she goes to bed, I check to see how the photos turned out. If they're good, I put away the set. If not, I try again the next feeding cycle.

Have I mentioned how much I love my digital camera? The only problem is that I have so many great photos. How can I ever pick which ones to keep and put in the album?

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e&e said...

What in the WORLD are you doing up (and on the computer) at 3 in the morning?!