Saturday, April 5, 2008

Milk Update

I finally talked to a new doctor about trying [Reglan] to help increase my milk supply. [Reglan] is used to stimulate peristalsis in diabetic patients. One of the side effects is fluid retention and milk production.

I was on 30-40 mg of [Reglan] for one week. I saw an increase in milk supply after the first day, but but only small gains as the week progressed. I have been able to pump twice as much as I had been pumping after each feeding. I was only getting 1/2 oz, but now I get a full ounce, sometimes 1 1/2 oz.

I have been setting my alarm to pump at night for two weeks. After starting the [Reglan], I didn't need the alarm any more, because I was waking up with a churning stomach. I also started taking a good multi-vitamin and fish oil again. When I quit taking the [Reglan], I began taking fenugreek and blessed thistle again. I had run out of the supplements and hadn't bought more because they are expensive. However, I feel so much better taking them than the medicine.

I may decided to try the medicine again, but our court date in on Wednesday and I'd like to be well rested and digesting normally. It's going to be exciting and nerve racking enough. Everything is fine, we have no concerns it's just a big deal and very formal.

Amanda still takes most of her feedings with the nurser. She had graduated to the 7 oz size. She takes 5 1/2-6 oz. or formula and pumped milk per feeding plus whatever she is getting from me when she nurses.

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