Friday, April 18, 2008

The Hair Cut

"I'm sorry, baby, but it was time for a hair cut!"

Amanda had worn away much of her hair in the back, so I had to trim the little stragglers that kept getting tangled. Then the hair on top was growing longer and standing up straight all of the time. It was also getting thinner as she lost her baby hair, so it was more difficult the keep it tucked neatly into the clip. I thought Mike had said he didn't want it cut. When he admitted on Wednesday that it might be a good thing to give her a trim, I was happy to oblige.
The area that I had trimmed in back was coming in nicely, so I was a little shocked by how thin it was on top. I probably should have left it a bit longer on top, but I was trying keep it the same length as the stuff in back. It's taken me two days to get over the shock and guilt of cutting off her sweet little hair, but this morning after a good shampooing and some lotion for smoothing, things are looking a bit better.

Only five people have seen her hair cut until now. The first comment I received, "It looks terrible, Dad's going to be mad." Daddy wasn't mad. He said that is was fine and it would grow back. He said he was going to miss the cute little pig tail on top, though. My neighbor's comment was a great comfort. She was glad I had cut it because now you could see Amanda's cute face. Apparently, the wild hair was a bit distracting.
Good-bye everyday crazy hair! We'll miss you!

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