Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where's the baby?

It was so funny but a little sad to watch Amanda get so excited to see a little baby in the mirror and then be so disappointed and confused when the baby disappeared as she tried to grab her. She really enjoys other little kids and gets excited when she see them or hears their voices. She reaches out to grab their faces and tries to give them big wet kisses. She had a good time visiting her cousins on Easter Sunday.

We received wonderful news today that our court day for finalization was set for April 9th! We couldn't be more pleased. It will be a relief to have that part complete. Amanda will be eight months old by then. Where has the time gone?

We've also begun to find Amanda pulling herself up on her crib bars. She gets up on her knees and then cries because she's tired of holding on and afraid to let go. She's growing so fast!


e&e said...

That is so hilarious I laughed out loud! I'm sad that she's confused, but it really is darling.

Michelle said...

That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh. You need to send that in to America's Funniest Home Videos!