Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Pictures for Elisa

This is Amanda's new Mini-Me doll from Mariella. The little pants and socks are also from Mari. She has the matching pants and Mini-me doll. The sweater is from cousin Reilly and the hat was knitted by a family friend, Lucy. Lucy also supplied the pretty quilts which Amanda just loves. They are special little gifts from special people!
Amanda is fascinated by the tags on her stuffed animals and will spend great time and deliberation studying them and chewing on them. Her Mini-me was no different. The first thing she did was to grab the tags and put them in her mouth. Mini-me has nice cotton tags so she really liked them.
This is where Amanda hangs out when I need to get a chore done in the kitchen. Since she no longer stays in the corner playing with her toys, I've been using the wrap more often. I made this wrap from 5 yards of $1/yd fabric plus the tie dye. There was no sewing involved. The selvage finishes the edges and I just trimmed the strings off the ends. Elisa and I watched videos in the internet to learn how to use the wrap and I practiced with bags of rice and potatoes, the cat and the neighbor boy before Amanda came home. It's very handy and I love it.


e&e said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Can you email me those so I can save them and print them out to keep? She looks just like a certain other adorable little baby girl I know...

Great job on the back carry. Did you get in her by yourself?

Michelle said...

I love the wrap. She looks so happy in there!

Yvette said...

Ah, you got her on your back. Good idea about practicing with rice & potatoes. I chickened out about putting my baby on my back after dropping my 3 year old out of my wrap once.

Thanks for posting on my blog and helping me figure out the whole food thing. What a blessing!

momto9 said...

Practicing with the cat:)...too funny!