Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

During the first several months Amanda was at home with us, our social worker would call with a list of questions about how things were going. She always asked, "How would you describe Amanda's personality?" I never knew what to say because I thought Amanda acted exactly how I would expect a baby to act; happy when she was fed and sad when she was hungry, wet or tired. I have a better answer now. She reminds me of a little Irish sprite! Full of energy, mischief and joy. She is friendly, outgoing and loves little people. She is good natured and doesn't mind be hugged, snuggled and jostled about. She is determined and persistent in striving for what she wants. She believes with a little effort everything and everyone is within her reach. It been wonderful to watch her scope expand. At first she only grabbed for things only inches away, then feet, and now she will just crawl all over the house for the sheer joy or it. There are so many wonderful things to grab along the way- chairs, drawer knobs, the refrigerator, brother's toes, the cat, the vertical blinds and mom's legs. Thank goodness she sleeps well at night!
All this activity has worn away much of her baby hair. I had to trim some places in the back that just kept getting tangled in knots. The stuff on top is now very long and looks pretty funny if we don't have it in a clip. It's pretty tricky to comb it and secure it because she's just so busy looking for the next adventure.

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